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Winner Takes All Raffle Preview

Our 27th Annual Golf Outing may still be a month away but there’s plenty you can do to get ready for the May 11th event. Practice your backswing. Finalize your team members. Take a look at our Winner Takes All Raffle prizes, which are all conveniently listed below. One lucky winner will receive all of these prizes, valued at a total of $3,000!
If you see something you want you can order raffle tickets over the phone before the event and/or purchase tickets at the event. Tickets are $25 each and the drawing will be held May 11 between 6 and 8:30 p.m. If you can’t make it to the event or have to leave early that’s fine, you don’t need to be present to win.
All proceeds benefit Angela Hospice so the more tickets you buy will not only increase your chances of winning but help hospice patients as well. Only 500 tickets will be sold, so don't miss out on this opportunity!
To purchase tickets or for more information call (734) 464-7810. Tickets may also be purchased at the front desk at the…

Volunteer Spotlight: Jackie Brown

Name: Jackie Brown
How long have you been a volunteer? Four-and-a-half years
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? Works in medical records, makes kits for home care nurses in medical supplies, helps at fundraisers, and mailings. Has worked the memorials, children’s workshop at Christmas, and was a Flower Bud.
What made you decide to become a volunteer? My grandson passed unexpectedly at 24 and I prayed because the family got a lot of graces from his passing. Then two years later my sister got sick and I was her caregiver and she passed. These things really bothered me and I had a cousin that told me about Tree of Life at Laurel Park and that she had sent an angel there. I had no idea what she meant. So I went to Tree of Life and spent a couple hours looking for my sister’s angel. I thought that was such a nice thing to do. And the women working it talked to me for a bit.
Then a friend whose mother had just passed called me and she told me she wanted to volunteer in hospice…

Volunteer Spotlight: Sarah Wolodkiewicz

Name: Sarah Wolodkiewicz
How long have you been a volunteer? 14 years
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? Home care, makes salads once a month for family dinners in the Care Center, and has worked fundraisers.
What made you decide to become a volunteer? A friend of mine was caring for her mother at home and she had enlisted the help of hospice. She just had wonderful things to say about it. It wasn’t Angela Hospice but that’s how I learned about the whole concept. I thought, I think that’s something I could do at some point.
Then I saw an article in the newspaper, one of the Observers, about volunteering and coming to a training session for a hospice in Plymouth. So I cut that out and put it on my refrigerator, where it stayed for probably another three or four years. Then finally, I had a child and she went to school, then I had time that I could devote to it.
Why Angela Hospice?
Basically because I live really close.
Favorite part about volunteering? The caregivers that I…

Volunteer Spotlight: Karen Bartha

Name: Karen Bartha
How long have you been a volunteer? Three years
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? Patient and spiritual care in the Care Center and in home care.
What made you decide to become a volunteer? I had heard about a program called No One Dies Alone that’s in hospitals, and I was shocked at the concept that anybody ever died alone. So I started looking into it in the area where I lived and there were no hospitals with that program and I thought, wait, what about hospice? That’s really what brought me here. I’ve always loved the elderly.
Why Angela Hospice? We were new to the area so I didn’t really know the hospitals. When I found out there was no No One Dies Alone program in a place near me I called my parish church and asked if we were affiliated with anything and they said no, but the woman I talked to mentioned Angela Hospice.
I looked into it online and thought that’s what I want to do. One of the things that was most interesting to me is that on the firs…

Music for the Soul

By: Bob Friar, Angela Hospice Volunteer

Like all Angela Hospice volunteers, Phil Ernzen wears an identification badge. But, even without the badge it is easy to spot Phil. He’s the volunteer with a guitar slung over his shoulder.
Phil has been a hospice volunteer in different locations for over 12 years. But he’s been at Angela Hospice for more than two years, offering his very special gift of music therapy to the residents of the Angela Hospice Care Center.
“I just love the experience of volunteering in a hospice setting,” he said. “It’s very, very fulfilling and rewarding.”
If music therapy sounds too clinical, then think of Phil as a musical chef who provides music as a comfort food. His musical menu includes all genres from gospel to country to folk and popular.
The Care Center staff may suggest a resident who would enjoy Phil’s special talent. The resident or perhaps the resident’s visitors may suggest or ask for a particular selection that has special meaning to that person. Then Phi…