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Volunteer Spotlight: Michele McElroy

Name:  Michele McElroy

How long have you been a volunteer?
I have been volunteering with Angela Hospice for the past 6 years.

What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do as a volunteer?
I am currently making weekly companionship visits to hospice patients with dementia in local nursing and memory care facilities.  I also help with mailings as needed, and I have volunteered in the Care Center and with the grief support meetings.

What made you decide to become a volunteer?
I have a background in social work and have always been interested in helping others.  Working part time and having older children has given me the chance to use my time for volunteer opportunities.

Why Angela Hospice?
Angela Hospice is such a special place to me.  Not only do they provide an in-depth training for their volunteers, they continue to provide their volunteers with training and support throughout the year.

My family has also used Angela Hospice for home care with several of my family members.  Thes…

Giving the Gift of Precious Time

To help give grieving families the gift of time after their loss, Ashlie’s Embrace and the Burman family of Minerva, Ohio, visited Angela Hospice on July 12 to donate a CuddleCot™.

In a moving presentation, Ashlie’s Embrace co-founder Erin Maroon shared the story of how she was determined to help other families after experiencing the loss of her full-term daughter, Ashlie. Maroon had not heard of CuddleCots, but once she learned about the device, it became her mission to bring them to medical centers throughout the United States.

CuddleCots™ consist of a cooling unit and pad that lay in a bassinet or Moses basket and keep a baby cool after stillbirth or infant loss. The cool temperatures slow the natural changes that occur after death, which gives parents and families more time to process their loss. Loved ones can change the baby’s diaper, bathe their baby, or take photos.

The device is manufactured and used extensively in the United Kingdom to help grieving families, yet there are fe…

New Law will Benefit Hospice Patients

Michigan's hospice professionals were heartened this week as Senate Bill 128 and House Bill 4225 were signed into law by Governor Whitmer on July 8. This new law adds an exception to current opioid regulations, which will allow hospice physicians to more easily prescribe and adjust opioid pain medications to best meet the needs of hospice patients.

In thanking and congratulating members of the hospice community who worked to advocate for this legislation, Michigan HomeCare and Hospice Association President and CEO Barry S. Cargill, specifically recognized Angela Hospice President and CEO Marti Copai among those who spearheaded this important achievement:

"The MHHA Opioid Task Force, Chairs Lori Smoker-Young and Marti Coplai were critical leaders of the campaign. So many people took time away from their hospice duties to testify at legislative hearings, visit and communicate with legislators and state departments....Congratulations, you did it!" Cargill wrote.

Angela Hospice…

Angela Hospice helps inspire Hollywood movie

If you’re planning to go see A Dog’s Journey, which is playing at the Penn Theatre in Plymouth and the Farmington Civic this weekend, there’s an interesting connection between that movie and Angela Hospice. 
Angela Hospice was listed in the acknowledgements for the novel A Dog’s Journey, which was first published in 2012. Author W. Bruce Cameron visited Angela Hospice ten years ago when he performed at our Laughter Lifts You Up event. Accompanied by his aunt Lucille Hoedl, an Angela Hospice volunteer, Bruce met with several Angela Hospice staff members, some of whom he also mentions in the acknowledgements for A Dog’s Journey:
"Much of what I know about hospice and end-of-life care I learned from my aunt Lucy, who volunteered for decades at Angela Hospice in Livonia, Michigan. She introduced me to Bob Alexander, and he, Barb Iovan, Mary Ann Joganic, LMSW, Peggy Devos, RN, and Karen Lemon, RN, CHPN, BS, were patient and kind in answering my questions and helping me to understand wha…

Children’s Grief Camp - Register for Free

Angela Hospice is sponsoring a children’s grief camp this summer in conjunction with New Hope Center for Grief Support in Northville. The camp will take place over two days, July 25 and 26, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Maybury Farm in Northville.
Organizers have planned a variety of interactive activities from music to equestrian therapy, art projects to foot races, and more.
“The New Hope Center for Grief Support Kids Camp allows us to bring grieving children together to let them know they are not alone,” said Jennifer Frush, assistant director for New Hope. Frush said last year’s camp, also held at Maybury, offered children the “opportunity to connect with others their age who have also experienced loss.”
As Angela Hospice’s Director of Social Work and Bereavement Mike Conway explained, “Meeting other kids who have suffered a similar loss can help children feel more confident and understood,” while fostering a sense of community.
New Hope’s camp is designed for those who have had eith…

Growing Through Loss

In February 2018, life for the Chambers family was turned upside down. Vanessa Laco Chambers learned her cancer was terminal, and a few weeks later, just days after her 39th birthday, she succumbed to the disease while in Angela Hospice's home care program.
     "Everybody took such good care of her when she was in her final stages. It was amazing. I'd never experienced anything like that before, so I think we were very lucky in that context," said Vanessa's husband, Justin Chambers.
     He was grateful for the help of Angela Hospice, especially for the guidance of their social worker, so he said it was a natural progression to reach out to Angela Hospice for grief support for himself and his children: 6-year-old Emilia; 8-year-old Jude; and 14-year-old Luke, Vanessa's son from her previous marriage. The transformation that has come about since has been a huge help to their family.
   "It's wonderful, it's amazing to see," Justin said…

Her Royal Family

When Barbara Jean McClellan was a teenager and her old school closed, she found a place that felt like home at the Felician Sisters’ Ladywood High School. She was crowned Ladywood Queen her first semester, served as Vice President, and was part of Ladywood’s inaugural graduating class in 1953. Her time at Ladywood would have a big impact on her future as well.
    Though Barbara was being groomed to become a Dominican nun, her plans changed when she met a young Korean War veteran, the brother of one of her Ladywood classmates. Barbara married Ron Quinkert on April 24, 1954.      “I think she knew when she met my dad...that her calling wasn’t there,” said Barbara’s daughter Lynn Ditri.      You could say that Barbara found her true calling as a wife and mother. She and Ron went on to have six children, and were married for 54 years before Ron’s passing in 2008. And while Barbara didn’t go through with her plan to become a nun, her faith always remained an important part of her li…