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Keys to Comfort

When Nick Fishman was a little boy, he saw an orchestra play and decided he wanted to take piano lessons. He had recently moved to Los Angeles from Russia with his family, so paying for piano lessons certainly didn’t fit the budget. But a few years later, Nick’s family moved to Kentucky.

“There my parents decided to fulfill their promise to me and start piano lessons under the assumption that I’d try it for a little bit and then give up,” Nick explained. But at 9 years old, Nick had discovered a true passion.

“You know some people run, some people write, some people read — for me, music is an important way for me to feel more at ease,” he said.

And while Nick decided not to pursue music as a career, becoming a software engineer instead, playing piano is both a way of letting go and expressing himself. His love for piano recently provided a special way for him to connect with his mother, Vera, while she stayed at Angela Hospice’s Care Center.

Vera had brain cancer that affected her long…

Employee Spotlight: Mary Lonergan

Mary Lonergan swears she’s NOT the diet police. As a dietitian, her role is more about providing guidance and support. She helps patients and families understand how illness and medications can affect dietary needs, and suggests nutrition options to help them feel comfortable.

Mary’s work with Angela Hospice began 24 years ago. In addition to her position here as Nutrition Consultant, Mary also manages her private practice in addition to teaching at Eastern Michigan University and Oakland Community College.

“I love what I do,” said Mary, who believes hospice is about “shining a light on the patients who need care.”

When her own mother needed care and was admitted to a hospice program on the west side of Michigan, Mary supported her decision. “Mom had been given six months but was a spitfire who lived three years!” she said.

When her mom would come to visit and stay with Mary, she would transfer to Angela Hospice Home Care. Volunteers would stop by Mary’s home to visit her mom.

“The v…

Butterfly Gem Raffle

You could win this lovely Rose Gold Pendant Necklace with Amethysts and Diamonds worth $2,150! Plus, your generosity supports the charitable work of Angela Hospice, so the more tickets you buy, the more good you do — and the better your chances of winning this striking necklace! 
Print the order form below to purchase your tickets, or call our Development Office at 734.464.7810.
Drawing date: October 25, 2019. Need not be present to win. Prize donated by Orin Jewelers