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Together in Grief

by Debbie Vallandingham, LMSW-ACSW
Angela Hospice Bereavement Manager

A loss brings a wide variety of emotions. As we continue without our loved one, we need a support system to help us move forward. Grief support groups allow individuals the opportunity to learn about the grief process and to benefit from talking with others. Some of these benefits include:

A Feeling of Belonging. Sometimes, in the middle of grief, it is easy to become disengaged from other people. It may feel as if nobody understands what we’re going through. In a group, you will feel less isolated as you hear the stories of others who are facing similar challenges.

Finding a New Perspective. Being in a group setting allows you to hear the views of others who may be able to see your situation differently. Whether it’s other participants or the group facilitator, you will be exposed to people who see their situation (and yours) from a different lens. When the group shares, you will hear honest views and different frames…