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Walking to Remember

With over 400 individuals already registered for this year’s Walk of Remembrance, the eleventh annual event promises to be as impactful as ever. For those who have never attended, the walk is an inspirational event centered around a 2.2-mile path throughout the Felician Grounds, from Madonna University to Angela Hospice. Those who have attended often come back year after year.
Gale Loger is one walker who will be returning this year. Her husband, Darrell, had spent eight daysin Angela Hospice’s Care Center before he passed in July 2017. Last year was her first time walking, and she found that family and close friends were eager to join her. They formed “Team Darrell” in his memory.
“We feel that it’s the least we can do after what Angela Hospice did for Darrell,” Gale said. “Angela Hospice took great care of him.”
As Team Darrell, Gale and her family were able to pay tribute to Darrell in a special way. They found it comforting too, being surrounded by people who had gone through the…