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Linda's Lucky Day

Angela Hospice doesn't have a magic lamp, but we were able to grant a wish for one very sick local grandmother with glioblastoma, enabling her to spend some time with her family in a setting that has always made her happy.

Linda, who turned 70 in March, raised a happy family of four just outside Detroit with her husband Pete. That family grew to 23 with marriages and the addition of 13 grandchildren. They instilled family loyalty that included a love of family gatherings and a healthy sense of humor. So when Linda was diagnosed with a brain tumor last October, the family rallied the troops.

“It was so hard to comprehend because other than what we thought was bronchitis, she was just fine,” recalled Linda’s sister Debbie Scott. But by January, the effects of the disease and were hard to ignore. The insidious brain tumor, the same kind John McCain had, was difficult to treat with surgery because it spreads like tendrils through the brain. The family decided on a treatment plan and …