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Volunteer Spotlight: Jane Cuba

Name: Jane Cuba
How long have you been a volunteer? 20 years.
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? Home care, bakes shortbread for weekly teas, cooks with husband Mike at the holiday events, Tree of Life, and knits lap-robes for patients and the We Honor Veterans program.
What made you decide to become a volunteer? Angela Hospice took care of my father 21 years ago. I am the original weenie. I am not the nurse type. I’m squeamish. I thought that there was no way I could do this, but my father built his own house and that’s where he wanted to be, he wanted to be in his home. Angela Hospice helped me keep him in his home.
The night he died I had a fire in the fireplace because I know he loved that and made popcorn. It was as good as it could be. He was where he wanted to be. Dorothy Mekaru was the social worker. She was a volunteer for years and years. She was my social worker and she was so wonderful that I remember her name 20 years later. The hospice people helped me do w…

Art Van Charity Challenge: Bonus Challenge #2

Today we are heading into the second week of the Art Van Charity Challenge! For those that don’t know this challenge is a five-week online fundraising competition where we are one of 124 charities competing to get into the top ten. Each of the top ten will receive bonus grants from Art Van, ranging from $7,500 to $75,000. Bonus: all of this money will go directly to help support our compassionate bereavement services, which are provided free-of-charge to all those in need.
One of the many unique aspects of this challenge is that each week will have a weekly bonus challenge. Last week, each charity that raised at least $250 was entered for a chance to win $3,500.

The second bonus challenge starts today at 2 p.m. and will run until next Tuesday, June 2, at 11:59 a.m. This week’s challenge is to raise the most money in that time period. The charity that does will receive $4,000. It’s that simple.
So please donate, become a fundraiser (more about that below), and share our link to every sing…

Volunteer Spotlight: Samantha Best

Name: Samantha Best
How long have you been a volunteer? Almost a year.
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? Patient care in the Care Center, events, and holiday meals.
What made you decide to become a volunteer? My mom (Volunteer Services Manager Syndie Best) is honestly probably the biggest reason why I’m here. I took the volunteer training class and she was just really encouraging and the rest is history. Now I’m here.
What is your favorite part about volunteering? The relationships that you are able to build with the patients and also the other volunteers and staff members here. They have inspired me and made me a better person. I continue to grow and I’m so grateful for the people that I’ve met here.
What is one of your favorite stories or memories from volunteering? There are two big ones. For one of the holiday meals there was a patient that I worked with on Saturday mornings in the Care Center and her family all lives out of town so she was going to go by herself. I a…

Tips for Art Van Charity Challenge Fundraisers

The Art Van Charity Challenge has officially begun and we have until June 22 to raise as much money as we can for Angela Hospice. If you’re looking at this page we would like to say thank you for considering becoming a fundraiser for the Angela Hospice team. Below are some tips on how to set-up a page and get the most out of your account.
How to Set-Up a Page: Go to our Charity Challenge CrowdRise page here: “Fundraise for this Campaign,” which is under the DONATEbutton.Then choose whether you want to sign up via social media, email or by creating a CrowdRise account.Next, you’ll have to enter a password and your birthday. When you hit “Create Account” it will take you back to our Challenge page. (You should notice a picture of yourself in the upper right corner.)Click “Join The Team” in redand you’ll be all set.

Sharing Your Page: The “Manage Campaign” button is where your individual link will be to share with friends and family. This page a…

Help Angela Hospice win $75,000!

We are excited to announce that Angela Hospice was chosen to take part in the Art Van Charity Challenge. This movement has already done so much for good causes throughout the community. We are delighted to be a part of it, and now you can be too – whether by joining us as a fundraiser and sharing your passion for Angela Hospice with your friends, or by simply making a donation  on Angela Hospice’s page. Read below for details.
What the Art Van Charity Challenge Is: Since 2009 Art Van Furniture has held this challenge to help non-profits that focus on supporting children, health, and human services. It began as a way to celebrate Art Van Furniture’s 50th anniversary and has grown exponentially over the last several years, raising millions of dollars for charity.
The challenge officially begins at noon on May 18 and will end on June 22 at 1:59:59 p.m.During those five weeks the goal is to raise as much money as we can to hopefully become one of the top ten charities, each of which then re…

Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Conway

Name: Janet Conway
How long have you been a volunteer? Since 2001.
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? Works the caregiver dinners, does mailings and clerical work, and was a hostess for Arbor Day.
What made you decide to become a volunteer? Like many people we were affected by hospice, not Angela Hospice, but another hospice helped me with my mother, and I was inspired by that. Then I retired in 2000 and flunked retirement and wanted to do something else. I wanted to do something meaningful.
What is your favorite part about volunteering? It’s a good feeling to know you are contributing and giving back, but the social aspect is always nice too. I do like that.
What is one of your favorite stories or memories from volunteering? The only time that I did a home visit was when I was in the volunteer office and they were looking for somebody who knew how to play chess. I know how to play chess and I hadn’t played in a long time but it was still a beautiful moment. I did go to th…

Volunteer Spotlight: Jim Best

Name: Jim Best

How long have you been a volunteer?
Nine years
What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do? He has filled bird feeders; worked in spiritual care, home care, and hospitality; cooked at holiday meals and weekend BBQs; and taken photographs at events.
(“My main thing is security detail for the volunteer manager. I do whatever she needs,” Jim joked. Jim's wife is Angela Hospice Volunteer Services Manager, Syndie Best.)
What made you decide to become a volunteer? Volunteering has always been important to our family and we’ve volunteered at a lot of different community things, like Salvation Army. We’re always trying to find something local. Then when Syndie started working here it was kind of a nice thing to be involved in something that she was doing, something the whole family could do.
What is your favorite part about volunteering? It’s been cool to have my wife and I start volunteering and having our kids see what we’re doing. Now, not only have we gotten to impact…

A Hand To Hold

By: Kate McNamara, Angela Hospice Volunteer
As she sat down to talk about her experiences as an Angela Hospice volunteer, Judi Fortuna smiled in the direction of her grandsons, seated at a nearby table in the food court.
Judi has been a volunteer at Angela Hospice for over 11 years. She works in the bereavement department making calls to family members 10 days and 15 days after their loss of a loved one to offer support and services, and most of all, to let them know she and Angela Hospice remember and care. She helps with the memorial services held at the Care Center and has worked at the Walk of Remembrance. On Friday afternoons, she’s at the Care Center helping patients with meal assistance.
Her face lights up at the thought of taking a patient out for some fresh air on the beautiful grounds now that warmer weather is here again.
Judi is a Patient Services Coordinator with ALS of Michigan. Her father received hospice care at the end of his life so she knew its value. Her work with ALS …

A Mother's Day Tribute

Mother's Day is May 8th. You can honor the women in your life with a special tribute card from Angela Hospice. When you make a donation in her name, we will provide her with an attractive card letting her know of your thoughtful gift. Cards for donations made “in memory” are also available.

It's a great gift for the woman who has everything – and it will help others to experience Angela Hospice's compassionate care. To order a special Mother’s Day tribute card, contact the Angela Hospice Development Office at (734) 464-7810. For “In Honor” Cards: Dear [Acknowledgee], A special donation has been made in your honor by [Donor Name]. This gift is both a tribute to you, and a way through
which more people will be able to receive hospice’s loving care.
Margot Parr, President & CEO, and the Staff of Angela Hospice

For “In Memory” Cards:
Dear [Acknowledgee], A special donation has been made  in memory of [Memorial Name] by [Donor Name]. This gift is both a tribute to your loved o…