Volunteer Spotlight: Janet Conway

Name: Janet Conway

How long have you been a volunteer?
Since 2001.

What areas do you work in/what sort of tasks do you do?
Works the caregiver dinners, does mailings and clerical work, and was a hostess for Arbor Day.

What made you decide to become a volunteer?
Like many people we were affected by hospice, not Angela Hospice, but another hospice helped me with my mother, and I was inspired by that. Then I retired in 2000 and flunked retirement and wanted to do something else. I wanted to do something meaningful.

What is your favorite part about volunteering?
It’s a good feeling to know you are contributing and giving back, but the social aspect is always nice too. I do like that.

What is one of your favorite stories or memories from volunteering?
The only time that I did a home visit was when I was in the volunteer office and they were looking for somebody who knew how to play chess. I know how to play chess and I hadn’t played in a long time but it was still a beautiful moment. I did go to this home visit where the patient wanted to play chess with somebody. I did my best and he so appreciated that, even though he was very sick and we really didn’t finish the game, he kind of fell asleep. That experience just really shows what opportunities can pop up with volunteering. That was my favorite moment that stands out.

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