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Angela Hospice physician advocates on behalf of hospice patients

Angela Hospice's chief medical officer, Dr. James Boal, appeared before the Senate Health Policy and Human Services Committee in Lansing to advocate for a hospice exemption to new laws restricting the use of controlled substances. His argument revolved around the need for hospice patients to access these medications for pain control at the end of life.
"We are grateful to Dr. Boal, both for his expertise in caring for patients in advanced stages of illness, and his dedication to providing the best possible care for these individuals," said Marti Coplai, Angela Hospice President and CEO. "Despite any challenges that may arise from policy changes or any other arena, Dr. Boal is committed to serving the best interest of his patients."
Dr. Boal's testimony seemed to make a positive impact on the committee, as no opposition was registered. You can read more about this legislation in the bulletin below.
MIRS NEWS SERVICE – March 7 Panel Hears Arguments For Hospice …

Angela Hospice names new president/CEO

When Margot Parr succeeded Angela Hospice’s foundress, Sister Mary Giovanni, as president and CEO in 2015, her goal was to strengthen and prepare the organization for a strong future. Now four years later with that goal accomplished, Parr has passed the torch to Marti Coplai.

Marti, who has served as Executive Director since October 2015, took over as president and CEO on March 1, 2019, equipped with a rich history of experience in hospice and elder care, and a passion for the Angela Hospice mission.

HER STORY In 1994, Marti’s 54-year-old mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. Her family was devastated. They enlisted Angela Hospice to help them provide care at home.

“It was during that time…that I realized I had a skill or a gift, or just an ability to be able to support her and the rest of the family in a way that I hadn’t realized that I had in me, until I had that experience,” Marti said. “I also saw the positive impact of hospice care on our whole family.”


Angela Hospice honored at Livonia Leadership Awards

Angela Hospice was proud to be named Large Business of the Year at the 2019 Livonia Leadership Awards, presented in February by the Livonia Chamber of Commerce.

Businesses with fifty or more employees were eligible.

“Our partnership with our community neighbors is very important to us, so to have this show of support from the Livonia business community is such an honor,” said Marti Coplai, president and CEO of Angela Hospice.

Coplai attended the awards ceremony on February 21, along with Angela Hospice’s leadership team, and Angela Hospice’s outgoing president, Margot Parr. Parr addressed the sold out crowd, sharing inspirational stories and thanking the Livonia community for supporting Angela Hospice’s mission.