Caring for Marguerite

Before she found Angela Hospice Home Care, Marguerite was all too familiar with the hospital. With congestive heart failure, frequent experiences with shortness of breath required exhausting trips to the ER, and days spent undergoing procedures.

Dr. Banathal Nandish suggested hospice to her and her daughter, Kathy Blauet, so Marguerite could stop the frequent hospitalizations and tests.

Initially, “I said no,” Marguerite recalled. “I really didn’t know much about hospice. I thought it meant you were going to die soon.”

But once she learned what hospice entails, and Kathy reminded her that the hospital trips were so difficult, Marguerite changed her mind.

Mom said, ‘I don’t want to keep going back to the hospital,’” Kathy explained.

Kathy called Angela Hospice, and her mother signed on the next day. The family was impressed with how quickly it occurred, and Marguerite was happy with the visits from her hospice team. She said they implemented simple things to make her life easier. For instance, her nurse brought in oxygen for her to wear at night.

It’s much easier to get dressed in the morning,” she said.

Having Angela Hospice Home Care meant Marguerite could call whenever she experienced any discomfort, such as the episodes of shortness of breath. A nurse would order medical equipment or give medication that would help.

They were quick and caring,” said Marguerite. “They say they’ll do something and they do it.”

After a few months on the program, she knew she must show some decline in order to stay on hospice under Medicare guidelines. Marguerite said she hoped she could remain on the program. She said she is healthier because of hospice.

I was thrilled from the start,” said Marguerite. “I love it. I’m so happy with how caring everyone is.”

They’re taking such good care of mom,” Kathy agreed.

Marguerite added: “The wonderful part is – it doesn’t cost anything!”

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