Art Van Charity Challenge: Bonus Challenge #3

Bon Jovi's excited, are you?
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Like Bon Jovi sang, “Woah, we’re half way there.” Can you believe we’re already entering the third week of the Art Van Charity Challenge? We sure can’t.

In just two weeks we’ve already raised over $5,000, which is a little over a third of our $15,000 goal. Last week we mentioned that this challenge is unique in a few different ways, one of the biggest being that each week has a different weekly bonus challenge.

This week’s challenge runs until 11:59 a.m. on June 9. Every charity that gets at least five donations this week will be entered for a chance to play Rock, Paper, Scissors. The winner will get $3,000 to support their charity.

So please keep sharing our CrowdRise page with all your friends and family, donating online, and becoming fundraisers. Here’s the link:

Also, if we do get chosen to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, which do you think we should choose?

If you’re interested in becoming a fundraiser, click here.

If you want more information about what the Art Van Charity Challenge is, click here.

We’ve said it a lot since this Challenge began but we wanted to say thank you once more to everyone that has shown us support during this exciting campaign!

If you have any questions please contact our campaign coordinators:
Dana Casadei: (734) 953-6053 or
Lisa Norton: (734) 953-6008 or

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