Employee Spotlight: Penny Weeks

Name, title: Penny Weeks, Home Care Nurse

How long have you worked here?
Three years

What made you decide to work here? 
In my first year of nursing, I had a very young patient at the University of Michigan who had kidney failure and she was not a candidate for dialysis or transplant; she declined further life-prolonging treatments. A hospice consult was written, and the family wanted Angela! This patient was a patient of mine for weeks in the hospital and I became very close with them and their family.

The family kept in touch with me after she was discharged and transferred to the Care Center and when she died they called me. They had so many wonderful things to say about Angela Hospice and the staff, and the fact that Angela Hospice was Christ-centered care, and how comforting it was to have their nurse pray with them and be supportive of their faith. I knew then that someday I wanted to work for a company whose mission was Christ-like.

How had you heard of Angela Hospice?
Angela Hospice has an awesome reputation in the hospital setting and my entire career was spent in the hospital.

What’s a typical day like for you? 
No day is typical as a hospice nurse. You have to be able to multi-task, keep multiple balls in the air, juggle your schedule, patient and families’ schedules, and be able to be very flexible.

Penny with fellow employees at the Light Up a Life Benefit. From 
left: Russ and Kelly Hardy, Penny and husband Mike Belcher.
What is your favorite part about working at Angela Hospice?
I work with the best of the best. They are genuine, caring, and loving people. They are selfless, honest, and with the utmost integrity.

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at Angela Hospice?
Sitting with a family while their mother was taking her last breaths and being able to provide comfort and emotional support for them. Making a difference.

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