Strategic Planning 2017-2022

To our Community Friends, Team Members, volunteers, and supporters:

Thank you so much to everyone who graciously took the time to complete our Strategic Planning Survey a few months ago. We had over 300 responses and we are grateful for the input and thoughtful suggestions we received.

It’s great to know we have the support of our community behind us, and we hope we can continue to count on you who give of your time, talents, and treasure to further our cause on behalf of hospice patients and their families.

We wanted to make the survey results available publicly for you, so you’ll see a link to our results summary below.

We look forward to continuing our partnership together as we embrace what we’ve learned from this survey, and as we work to achieve the goals we’ve set as an organization: growing our mission, enlarging our referral base, expanding and improving our home care program, making technological advancements, exploring a palliative care program, working to transform societal views toward end-of-life, and ensuring our mission’s sustainability.

The impact of a non-profit organization is so dependent upon the relationships it has within its community – and we are sincerely appreciative of the kind support of our neighbors and friends. We ask that you continue to play a part in the future of the Angela Hospice mission for many years to come.

God bless,
Margot Parr                                                       Barb Hendrickson
President & CEO                                               Chair, Board of Directors

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