Home for the Holidays

Being cared for in the comfort of home is one of the many benefits of home hospice care. But for those residing in the Angela Hospice Care Center, the Care Center can become a comfortable home away from home as well. Our volunteers seek to make the holidays memorable by creating special opportunities for patients and families to come together and experience holiday festivities – such as Thanksgiving supper at the Care Center.

Patient Jean Henegar was able to attend with six of her family members. While Jean is bed-bound, her nurses were able to wheel her bed right into the Day Room, and found her a spot where she could see the whole room – and all 91 of the other guests! Jean’s daughter, Patti Wert, saw how much it brightened her mother’s spirit.

Jean Henegar’s family was happy to be able to attend
Thanksgiving dinner with her at the Care Center.
“It meant so much to her,” Patti said. She said Jean’s appetite improved and she was happy to be able to spend the holiday with her family.

“She was just thrilled that we could spend that together as a family because we didn’t know how we were going to manage that,” Patti said. “It was as close as we could get to our norm. So that was nice.”

Patti said her mother was also tickled by the visit from the Montessori preschoolers, who came to sing Christmas carols for Angela Hospice’s patients and visitors.

“She was so cute,” Patti said, recalling her mother watching the tiny carolers. “She said, ‘This was better than any pain medication.’”

Whether it’s family suppers, visiting pets, tea parties, or simply the beautiful lights and colors of the holiday season, Angela Hospice hopes the Care Center can provide a sense of “home” for the holidays for hospice patients. We also hope the holidays can be a special time for everyone this year – including all of our amazing supporters who make this good work possible!

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