Employee Spotlight: Kristy Hunley

Name: Kristy Hunley, Employee Relations Coordinator

How long have you worked here?
Six-and-a-half years.

What made you decide to work here?
I actually always wanted to be in the hospice field but I’m not clinical so I didn’t really think there was anything out there for me. But when I worked for Metro Medical, which was the local DME (durable medical equipment provider) that worked with Angela Hospice a lot, I talked to people here almost every single day. They always seemed so happy and so fulfilled with the position that they had, no matter what it was. I kept saying, “That’s what I want.” So that’s kind of what brought me over here.

How had you heard of Angela Hospice?
I heard of them a lot when I was working for the DME…I kind of always knew they were in this area. When Sister Giovanni started to look for donations for Angela Hospice, before it all even existed, she was standing outside at 5 Mile and Middlebelt, which was Arbor Drugs at that point, and my parents had walked out and she had made a comment about what she was doing. My mom wrote her a check and donated to it.

So when I said, “I kind of want to work for Angela Hospice cause I’ve heard about it through work,” that’s when my dad told me that story. It was kind of like it was meant to be.

When asked what a typical day looks like Kristy pointed
at all the stuff on her desk and laughed.
What’s a typical day like for you?
This. (Points at piles of folders on her desk and laughs). I don’t really have a typical day. I might have a thought of what I’m going to do when I walk in the door but that’s thrown out the window as soon as I get in. With all the various tasks that I have…it’s anything and everything.

I do payroll for the entire organization. I’m also the corporate compliance officer. I also manage all the HR functions: the hiring, discipline, termination, workers comp…you name it, I do it.

What is your favorite part about working at Angela Hospice?
I think it’s the people. It’s a totally different atmosphere here than anywhere else. I’ve worked in different offices before, and here -- everyone actually cares about each other. They do live by the core values and the mission statement. It’s not just on a piece of paper.

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at Angela Hospice?
I know this place has a big impact on people because there’s times when I’ll call someone to pre-screen them for a position, and they’ll go into a story about when Angela Hospice was there for their grandmother and how it just really imprinted on their heart and how they always wanted to go back to that. Or I’ll talk to people and just ask how familiar they are with Angela Hospice. They’ll go into this detailed story about how Angela Hospice helped them through a rough time or something like that. It kind of stands out because even though I’m not clinically doing anything I feel like I kind of have a part in that because I help get people here and get them ready to go out in the field.

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