Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Bagnasco

A weekly feature where you can get to know some of our volunteers.

Name: Mary Bagnasco 

How long have you been a volunteer?
On and off for about ten years.

What areas do you work in/what tasks do you do as a volunteer?
•    Helps with patient care in the Care Center 
•    Makes flower arrangements as a “Flower Bud” volunteer (“I love the way the flowers brighten up the patients,” she says.)

What made you decide to become a volunteer?
I'm a retried RN and I always had an interest in hospice. Even when I did my training I was interested in hospice. It was kind of natural for me to evolve here. So that's how that all got started. 

Why Angela Hospice?
Because of personal experience. My mother was in Angela Hospice in 1994 and that was my first introduction to it.
What is your favorite part about volunteering?
I like the feeling that I'm really doing something that matters with my time. I love the way I feel when I leave here. You feel like you've done something that matters. 

What is one of your favorite stories or memories from volunteering?
I have many, many, many memories. They are all kind of blurred into one. They are all positive. I think talking with the patients and the families and maybe helping them through the day has been the biggest reward. That's kind of my memory all in a ball.

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