Angela Hospice Awarded MiSHIP Grant

Angela Hospice home hospice aide
Bernadine Hillman with one of the Smart Vests.
Angela Hospice was recently awarded a $1,288 grant from the MIOSHA Safety and Health Improvement Program (MiSHIP). This grant will let us get three Slipp Patient Movers, 10 smart lift vests, and three pivot discs. All of these items will help make moving patients easier and more efficient.

Slipp patient movers let the patient (regardless of weight) move easily across a comfortable surface. Smart life vests allows for lifting and transferring patients using a horizontal lift instead of a vertical lift. Pivot discs will help patients that are able to stand but cannot readily move their legs.

MiSHIP awards employers in Michigan a dollar-for-dollar match – up to $5,000 – for projects designed to reduce the risk of injury and illness to their workers, based on safety and health site-specific hazard surveys. This reimbursement program awards grants to employers that best satisfy MiSHIP goals.

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