Beyond the Call of Duty

Loran Thayer, RN
We received a lovely letter from a patient's family complimenting the work of one of our home care nurses. Read what they had to say about Angela Hospice and nurse Loran Thayer:

"Everyone we came into contact with was just great and caring. I would especially like to commend one of the ladies. Her first name is Loran. I have been with Hospice in other places and they were good also, but your facility was above and beyond what one would expect.

My daughter in law called in to report Arlene’s* passing and asked if Loran was available. The lady told her she thought Loran was off duty, but would try to reach her. About twenty minutes later, Loran showed up and told me she was sorry for the way she was dressed. She had been out shopping and when she got the call, she came right over.

What a thoughtful woman she is. I’m sure the rest of the ladies that work for you are just as caring.

Again, thank you all so much. I don’t know how I would have gotten through all this without your help."

*Name changed to protect privacy

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