Portrait of a Peacemaker

For 14 years, Donna Beamish has been donating her time and talents as a volunteer at Angela Hospice. Why did she choose Angela Hospice? Because of the good things she’d heard about Angela Hospice’s care from her neighbors. Many volunteers come to Angela Hospice after a personal experience with a loved one. But for Donna, she was drawn to Angela Hospice by its reputation alone. And it was her reputation as a devoted volunteer that won her a special honor in 2013: Angela Hospice’s Volunteer of the Year Award.

Volunteer Services Manager Syndie Best describes Donna as humble, dependable, and loyal.

“Her love for Angela Hospice is demonstrated by the wonderful work she does here as a volunteer,” Best said.

Donna has given service in many areas, including computer work for the bereavement department, working on mailings, and helping with fundraising events. And while a back injury prevents her from bathing patients in the Care Center as she did for her first ten years with Angela Hospice, she has now taken over a special task: coordinating the weekly caregiver suppers for Care Center families.

Her tuna noodle casserole is a popular dish, but beyond the physical nourishment these dinners offer, she knows there is a greater value to the families that attend.

“It gives them a little peace of mind, just a little peace,” she said. “They can sit in there and get away from it a little while.”

Sometimes they even try to pay her for the food and the friendly service, but of course her reward is the experience itself.

“You feel complete,” she said. “You’re doing something for somebody else and that’s a good feeling.”

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